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At Understanding Horses, we share our knowledge and understanding of equines to help you build confidence, prevent and solve problems, learn skills and further your relationship with your horse or pony.

Everything we do is achieved without using fear or violence.

Horses are often considered to be unpredictable by people...but once we start to understand equines, we discover that they are very rarely unpredictable in their behaviours, reponses and reactions...and it gives us the opportunity to become better horse handlers and riders.

Faye Stacey is 29 and has experience in helping to rehabilitate racehorses and wild and traumatised ponies.  She has helped domesticated ponies get started on their riding careers, and has also achieved showing success with her own pony. Consultations with Faye can either be 1 to 1, or in small groups. Clinics are proving very popular with people who would like to learn new skills and solve problems...please see below:

  • Clinics at Horseford Farm - £35

Understanding Horses offers bitesize teaching sessions at Horseford Farm, near Witheridge in Devon.

Clinics are morning or afternoon teaching sessions, for those who would like 1 to 1 tuition, or who would like to learn/practice particular equine skills within a friendly, small group environment. There are 7 rescue ponies available from the people4ponies project for students to interact with at the farm.

Clinics allow you to have lessons:

  • Where you can learn at your own pace
  • Where you get a chance to truly understand why horses "do" certain things and how we can work with them and their instincts
  • To learn and practice equine skills and techniques
  • To enable you to learn how to train your own horse or pony
Sessions can focus on confidence building; horse handling skills; equine training (including long lining, preparing horses for backing or going to their first show); equine problem solving and understanding equine behaviour and communication. We offer the opportunity for students to interact with the p4p herd so they can learn how to be safe and manage situations with loose equines.

A client gave the following feedback after her clinic sessions:

"If you are having problems understanding or communicating with your horse this is the place to remedy it. I had two half day sessions (at very affordable prices) to work on problems I have been having with my very bargy, stubborn mare and by changing the way I react to her when she starts to play up, it has changed the way she reacts to me. They were very simple changes but they made a huge difference in a very short time.

When you have had horses over the years without problems, and believe yourself to be quite competent, when one comes along that is difficult it is easy to blame the horse and get angry, frustrated or frightened by them. My horse was simply lacking in confidence and needed me to communicate with her in a way she understood and to be consistent with my communications. I had realised (eventually) that we were not on the same wavelength but Faye was able to show me how to change. Faye is a very calm teacher, explaining and demonstrating clearly, allowing you to reach those 'light bulb' moments where things suddenly become clear. This is a great place to build strong foundations for understanding and communicating with all horses."
Pauline R.

  • Individual lessons with your horse or pony

► Would you like lessons to improve your riding?
► Do you have a pushy pony?
► Do you have problems catching or headcollaring your horse/pony?
► Does your horse seem unnecessarily scared by everyday things?
► Is your child feeling frustrated with their pony, or are they not doing quite as well as they’d like?
► Do you have a problem with your equine and feel unsure of how to resolve it?

Faye is able to help with a range of problems that people, of any age range and skill level, experience everyday with their horses and ponies. She also helps people who want to understand their horse better and improve their skills.

By visiting owners and their horses and listening to their experiences and observing their situation, it is possible to decide the best way to help. Understanding Horses is about teaching both the horse and the owner and every session should finish on a positive note for all. 

Lesson in progress - rider Celeste, aged 9, learns to help Muddy, a relatively inexperienced riding pony, understand his rein aids - keeping everything as light as possible. Faye shows and explains to Celeste what we are trying to achieve. There is a calm atmosphere for the pony and student, which maximises learning. Sessions for young horses stay short and positive.

“I had a lot of lessons with Faye, usually about 2 or 3 weeks apart. When I first started to learn to ride, I was worried about being mean to the pony - I had seen people out riding hit, kick and whip their horses. I was so happy that I could learn to be in charge without doing that. I mainly learnt on a young pony called Frodo, he used to try and eat the hedge all the time. Frodo hadn't had a rider before so we both had to learn at the same time. That was hard work, but fun! Inbetween riding Frodo on a lead rope, Faye gave me lessons in the paddock on a much bigger, older, well trained pony called Ginge. She taught me how to use my body to turn and control Ginge, and we did lots of exercises to help my balance and control.

What I liked about Faye teaching me was, she explained it all, and always talked to me in a grownup sort of way, and she didn't mind if I couldn't do it or got it wrong, and she encouraged me. I felt like I really learnt a lot, and I never fell off, and I hope I never will!!”
Celeste F.


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