Courses - Understanding Horses

Understanding Horses runs one day courses,
at Horseford Farm, the home of people4ponies

We offer a range of confidence building, equine problem solving and skills based
courses, all of which will help you to further your understanding of horses.
For those looking for one to one tuition, clinics, or for specific needs,
please also visit the Consultations page. The specialist training page for Animal
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Horse Handling for Beginners

This day will allow you to learn and practice essential equine
"know-how” with the people4ponies equines. We will take you through all the basic knowledge and skills you require to feel comfortable and safe interacting with horses and ponies on the ground. As part of this, everyone will get a chance to practice headcollaring, catching, picking out hooves and leading.
£85 per person: 5th August 2012

Equine Body Language and Behaviour Weekend « New course »

We'll teach you how to understand horses through observing and reading equine body language and behaviour. We will also look at how our use of body language causes horses to react in different ways; how we can communicate and interact with them more effectively; and how we can use it to resolve problems. There'll be plenty of opportunity to observe and interact with our herd of ponies to put your knowledge into practice.
£160 incl. lunches: 23rd-24th June 2012


First Aid for Horses « New course »

A one-day course run in partnership with Sophie Hill, an equine vet who has 26 years horse owing experience. This course aims to look at equine first aid, common equine ailments and problems, and what you can do to help. The course will include subjects such as: What
to keep in an equine "First Aid Kit"; how to monitor breathing, heart rate, and temperature in horses; when you should be calling a vet; emergency situations; cuts and wounds; eye problems; what to do in the event of certain health problems, including colic and laminitis.

£45 per person: 3rd June 2012
DASH members please contact DASH directly for booking and special rates for this course.

Horse Handling For The Less Confident Person

Learn how to become comfortable and more confident around horses and ponies. We'll teach you how to safely handle and manage horses - whether they are loose (in a field or stable), or if you are leading/interacting with them directly.

We teach participants how to understand horse body language and behaviour; and by combining this knowledge with safe, practical techniques and lots of hands-on interaction, we find that people grow in confidence very quickly. Participants have the opportunity to put their skills into practice by observing and interacting with our herd of ponies. This course is perfect for nervous riders and anyone who feels in need of a confidence boost.

This is our most popular course and we have excellent reviews from clients. You can now choose to do either a one-day, or weekend course. See the testimonial and blog pages for more details.

Weekend course: £160 incl. lunches - please enquire for dates for 2012

One-day course: £85 per person - 20th May, or 22nd July 2012

Keeping Your Horse Healthy - Preventative Medicine « New course »

What better way to keep vet bills to a minimum, than by having a healthy horse or pony. This one-day course, run in partnership with a vet, looks at how to keep horses and ponies in a way that prevents, or reduces the chances of them becoming victim to common ailments, problems and diseases. Special focus topics will include laminitis, skin problems, respiratory problems and effective worm management methods.
£75 per person: Date for 2012 coming soon!

Equine Anatomy and Physiology « New course »

Run in partnership with a vet, this one day course will help you to understand how a horse's body works. You will learn about the skeletal structure of a horse; where the organs are located, what their functions are and what they need to stay healthy; how the digestive system works; the structure and function of the hoof and limbs (including what is happening in the horse's body when diseases such as navicular are diagnosed). We'll consider how the horse's body has evolved to cope with the natural environment and why the way we keep our domestic horses can come into conflict with this.

This course is suitable for horse owners, students and those taking courses in equine therapies.
£75 per person: Date for 2012 coming soon!

Equine Feeding and Nutrition « New course »

Choosing what to feed your horse can be quite a dilemma - with so many companies telling you their product is best, how do you choose what to feed your horse to keep them fit and healthy? Run in partnership with a vet, this one day course will help you to understand: how a horse's digestive system works; what vitamins and minerals horses need to keep them healthy, which foodstuffs work best for different horse types/workloads; what bought feeds really contain, what to feed the underweight/overweight equine, how feeds can affect behaviour, what to feed a laminitic equine...and how diet has a direct link to hoof health.
£75 per person: Date for 2012 coming soon!

A Guide to Horse and Pony Management

A day course to give you an introduction to keeping equines. We will look at stable and field set-up and management; feeding; worming; hoof and health care - including how to recognise and avoid common health problems. This course is ideal for those looking at keeping equines for riding, working on a smallholding, or for conservation grazing.

Dates for 2012 coming soon!

A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Horse or Pony

Looking to buy your first horse or pony, or would you like some advice on how you can find an equine to meet your needs? This half-day should help you get a clearer idea of what you are looking for…avoid pitfalls and increase your chances of finding your right match!
£40 per adult, £20 per accompanying child:
Dates for 2012 coming soon

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