We offer specialist equine training courses to Animal Rescue firefighters on the following subjects:

  • Basic headcollaring and safe equine interaction

  • Safe leading and manoeuvring of equines (including how to deal with difficult situations or unusual objects)

  • Understanding the psychology, instincts and body language of the horse and why we incorporate these into our techniques – for effectiveness and safety

  • Understanding how the body language of humans affects and influences the horse

  • Use the technique of “advance and retreat” to approach wary equines and to acclimatise horses to unfamiliar equipment

  • Safe loading of domestic equines

  • Safe loading (into a trailer/horsebox) of wild and/or loose equines

  • Drifting and catching of wild and/or loose equines

  • Catching the “difficult to catch” or wary domesticated horse

  • Handling of mares and foals

  • Dealing with traumatised, wild or unhandled equines

Our training courses are held at people4ponies an equine charity that specialises in working with wild and traumatised ponies. Accommodation is available on-site.

Our training day mixes theory with lots of practical, hands-on sessions with our ponies. The firefighters are able to experience the difference between getting close to, and handling, domestic equines as well as those that are nervous and fearful.

Feedback from the our September 2010 course:

We had excellent official feedback about our first Equine Animal Rescue training day for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. We received 100% ratings for the quality of the staff, and the relevancy of the training for their role...closely followed by 27/28 for participants feeling equipped to directly apply knowledge gained on the course. Here are some of the feedback comments from course participants:

"Excellent experience and insight into equine behaviour".

"Practical session of the course was really beneficial, especially advance and retreat".

"Excellent course, very interesting and informative. Ponies very suitable for course".

"The whole course was very enjoyable and relevant to our profession. I feel substantially better equipped to do my job. The horse psychology was fascinating...The teaching was nearly surpassed by the hospitality!!"



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