Testimonials - Understanding Horses

  Hazel Ann writes:

“The overall Understanding Horses experience today was excellent. I have learnt more than I ever hoped to. My confidence has increased significantly and I feel far more equipped to deal with eventualities in a calm, quiet, yet assertive manner. Thank you for an outstanding day, which feels like the start of a fascinating journey.”

  Mary says:

“Faye has a very special, individual approach, which makes her lessons stand out from standard lessons. Faye connects very well with everyone, but especially younger children. She understands how ponies think, and continually reads their body language. This she conveys to her pupils throughout the lesson, which imparts huge confidence, as they start to think like a horse and understand them and be in control. She creates the perfect atmosphere for learning. Faye changed my way of thinking about horses - now I think very differently about how we interact with them and the results speak for themselves.”

  Clare writes:

"If you ever worried about going into a field full of horses and ponies with their own hierarchy, take some lessons from Faye. In spite of such small stature, her energy and body language give her a presence that is quickly recognised and deferred to. This puts Faye in the best position to begin work with either a bolshie field bully with little respect for humans or with the pony lowest in the pecking order who needs to build confidence."


  Vikki writes:

"Faye helped me with horse riding for my GCSE PE examination. Sessions with Faye were always calm; she never got impatient with me and we had a laugh too. I learnt a lot about myself and my pony but as well as improving my relationship with him, I became more confident as a person too."


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